Finding Specialist Care

As Dementia with Lewy Bodies progresses it’s often necessary for the person affected to access professional care – either at home, or in a specialist establishment.

However choosing a care provider isn’t always straightforward – as there are now so many to choose from.

It’s very important that the care providers you are considering have specific experience and expertise in dealing with individuals with Dementia – preferably Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

We recommend creating a shortlist before using reviews and your own judgement gained through visits and meetings to narrow the list down to a final selection. You’ll also need to think about the cost of the care, and your relative’s personal preferences and welfare.

Care at home is more affordable than residential care – but it isn’t always appropriate (or sufficient) for someone in the later stages of Dementia. Residential care is expensive, and isn’t always necessary, especially earlier on following a diagnosis. Finding a perfect balance between these three elements isn’t always possible.  You can read this information guides on Paying for Care for more information.

Often individuals don’t wish to leave their property and go into residential care, but there are a growing number of care solutions that accommodate for service users who wish to remain in their own home.

You can find more information about choosing a care home or care provider here on the website. You’ll also find plenty of financial and legal advice regarding care provision and preparation for care in later life.