About LBD.UK

Lewy Body Dementia UK or LBD.UK is a non-profit, non-charity, un-registered and non-professional blog.

We are voluntarily administered and freely run.

We are solely for the purpose of sharing information in regards to support networks, carers contacts and links to many important legitimate professional sources and valuable listings upon the internet concerning Lewy Body Dementia itself.

Also in a lesser context, we do post and share links concerning other forms of Dementia, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia.

We provide links to other sources but we are not linked in any way professionally or personally, to or by, any recognised standing professional organisation, any registered legitimate organisation, or any charity and/or voluntary service already in the community or upon the internet.

We also publish carers valuable personal testimonies (with links) along with their suggestions and support for others who are themselves at this time caring for loved ones with the same courage, love, care, and the struggle and sadness that only the present and past carers of loved ones with Lewy Body Dementia will know and identify with.

This blog is dedicated to a dear wife, mother and grandmother who personally fought with determination, bravery and courage, the cruel and unrelenting condition that those who read this blog probably already are all too familiar with – Lewy Body Dementia.


**Please note, this blog (is not a medical blog) and carries absolutely (no medical authority or qualifications) whatsoever.

The information included on this blog linked to and from this blog (is not medical advice from any qualified source administering this blog) and is for guidance and information only.

Every effort has been made to report information that is medically accurate and scientifically researched, but this is not a substitute for care and guidance from a medical physician who will be able to give you qualified information professionally.

We absolutely recommend that you (always seek professional advice from a qualified medical practitioner) and (never to accept anything you read first hand without seeking certification from a qualified medical doctor concerning the facts).