Lewy Body Dementia UK Celebrates Four Years Existence

Lewy Body Dementia UK

Lewy Body Dementia UK has just celebrated its fourth year up on the web since its creation in 2018.

We sincerely thank all our followers and our readers, visitors and supporters.

If we have helped just one person since our launch back in 2018 then we humbly classify ourselves as worthy to exist.

We do sincerely hope we have helped many more people than just one person along the way, if only with a link to a website much better than our humble blog, or a piece of information that you may of needed to know.

The most important thing to us is the realisation that you are not alone.

We thank you most humbly, sincerely and without reserve.

Lewy Body Dementia UK

One thought on “Lewy Body Dementia UK Celebrates Four Years Existence

  1. Thank you so much for all you have done. This site had been such a big help and a comfort to us and we are so grateful to you. We lost our dear father last September 2022. But all of our family members used this site for information and support throughout the final years of father’s illness. Again i personally thank you for your kindness and your selfless effort in helping others to travel this awful journey – as you said above, to feel we are not alone.
    Much love to you.


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