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Coronavirus: Information for people affected by dementia

From Alzheimer’s Society

Living with dementia at any time brings everyday challenges for the person and those around them.

Coronavirus is making daily life much harder.

You may feel anxious, scared or lonely.

But you are not alone – help is available.

During the coronavirus pandemic we have advice and practical tips for people living with dementia and those supporting them – either in the same household or from a distance.

Anyone affected by dementia can call  support line  on  0333 150 3456. Or, if you speak Welsh, you can call our Welsh-speaking support line on  03300 947 400.

You can also see our  full range of free publications  or use our online tool to  find dementia information and support.

We will update this information regularly, including details about how Alzheimer’s Society can help. This will provide support to help you get through this difficult time, so do come back to see what’s available.

About Coronavirus 

Coronavirus causes a new illness (COVID-19) that can affect your lungs and airways.

Symptoms in most people will be mild – a high temperature and persistent cough. Some people will also have difficulty with breathing (shortness of breath).

A few people with COVID-19 will get severe symptoms and need medical attention. Older people and those with a long-term health condition (for example, lung disease, heart failure, diabetes) or weakened immune system (for example, because of HIV or chemotherapy) are more likely to get worse symptoms. These are people who are offered the regular flu jab every year in the autumn.

The higher-risk groups for severe coronavirus illness include everyone with dementia, and many older family carers.

Advice for everyone

We must all do we can to fight coronavirus. It’s spread easily between people and not everyone with coronavirus infection has obvious symptoms.

To stop us catching or spreading the virus, the law now says that everyone must stay at home.

The only reasons to leave your home now are:

  • shopping for basic necessities – such as food and medicine
  • one form of exercise (a run, walk, or cycle each day) – alone or with members of your household
  • a medical need, to provide care or help a vulnerable person
  • travelling to and from work – where this absolutely cannot be done from home.

These rules apply to everyone in the UK.

Many people with dementia and those living with them have already been staying in.

This is because people with dementia and older people in general are at higher risk of severe illness if they catch coronavirus.

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