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The Birmingham Dementia Roadmap provides high quality information about the dementia journey alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways to assist primary care to support people with dementia and cognitive impairment, their families and carers.

The content is organised into topics to reflect the journey with dementia, from understanding dementia and being worried about your memory through to the diagnostic processpost diagnosis support and living well with dementia. There are also topics on carer health and planning for the future.

“Give me something to believe in” – Birmingham and Solihull Dementia Strategy 2014-17 

Launched in May 2014, the strategy has been developed on behalf of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that cover Birmingham and Solihull as well as Birmingham City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

The strategy describes:

  • The services we think should be in place for people with dementia in Birmingham and Solihull and their carers;
  • The services currently in place; and
  • A framework for Birmingham and Solihull CCGs, Birmingham City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to use when planning services

It has been developed using feedback gathered from people with dementia, their families and carers and draws upon a number of national strategic drivers including Living Well with Dementia, the National Dementia Strategy 2009, and The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia – Delivering Major Improvements in Dementia Care and Research by 2015.

The Strategy covers the five main parts of our dementia pathway:

  1. Heath Promotion and Prevention
  2. Recognition and Identification
  3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Planning for the Future
  4. Living Well With Dementia
  5. Increasing Care (including End of Life Care)

Download Birmingham and Solihull Dementia_Strategy 2014-17.

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  • Preventing well This section provides details of groups and resources related to the prevention of dementia, ensuring that the risk of people developing…
  • Diagnosing well Diagnosing dementia is often difficult, particularly in the early stages. The GP is usually the first person who is  consulted either…
  • Supporting well When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be supported to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their…
  • Living well Many people are happier if they can remain independent and in their own homes as long as possible. It is important for clinicians to…
  • Dying well When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they should be encouraged to remain as independent as possible, and to continue to enjoy their…
  • Caring well GPs and the primary care team can provide carers with invaluable support, advice and information. For example, they can provide information…
  • Underpinning This section contains details of groups and resources relevant to several topics that underpin the well pathway for dementia, such…

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